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Green Field


Land Mining


We believe that the worlds resources need to be used in ways that better society - for both today's needs and laying the foundations for the future. Our project review process considers the end to end view of efficient material usage and energy inputs. This is a critical factor in achieving true sustainability. 


At the core of our planning and operations is the safety of local communities, staff and broader society. We are committed to going beyond compliance and continually improving our safety awareness, systems and testing. We believe in tailoring drivers of innovation to improve safety in all our projects.

Happy employees of solar power plant raise their hands and shout for joy, clapping each ot
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Integrity is at the heart of how we operate with all stakeholders. We believe that ethical business is the only sustainable model. We look for partners and investors who apply a similar approach consistently. We consider this particularly important, given the importance and scale of the energy challenges we are solving. 


We believe in progressing society via accessibility of low-cost energy. Development opportunities we pursue must achieve this with minimal environmental impact. There is significant scope to transition the worlds economy to low-carbon sources. This needs to be undertaken in a way that improves outcomes for society more broadly, as well as improving the net environmental outcome. 

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