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Liberty Energy is developing a 200MW renewable energy district utilizing existing infrastructure at the Hall Mine Complex.

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Pathfinder Energy Development has developed proprietary modeling and systems that offer a step change in reliability improvement.


Pathfinder is proud to have progressed the development of the Submerged Power System (SPS). The SPS is designed to take advantage of the natural cooling properties of the ocean. These superior natural safety features allow for major design efficiencies to be realized.

The SPS project is now solely lead by REPLOY Power.  

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Liberty Energy's goal is to enable low embedded energy resource projects. This is critical if we are to achieve system-wide decarbonization, given the significantly increased mineral tonnage required for increased electrification. Many remote mining sites have significant energy demands, yet have little access to sufficient, reliable power. Moreover, typical grid connections, or the use of remote diesel generators, does not ensure that the minerals are mined in a low-carbon manner. Liberty Energy has therefore architected a model of the mine of the future for all key power sources on site. We are now committed to rolling out this model across our development sites and those of our customers. 
Renewable Energy District Project
As a foundational project, Liberty Energy is developing a renewable energy district utilizing existing infrastructure at the Hall Mine Complex.  The initial projected facilities will include up to 200MW of photovoltaic power generation with long term battery backup. This solar district is predicted to provide 100MW of behind-the-meter renewable energy to customers on the site of the Hall Mine Complex, with an additional 100MW of renewable energy to be sold into the grid via a substation in the Complex.
Liberty Energy supports Pathfinder Tonopah, the anchor energy consumer utilizing the behind the meter solar energy for the mining and ore processing of the Hall Stock. Mining operating efficiencies are achieved through the on-site power generation and delivery. The solar development cost structure is reduced by the mine’s anticipated 30-year life and its required scale of production.
Pathfinder Development Corporation is in negotiations with other commercial enterprises interested in utilizing our private land, infrastructure and renewable energy. The attractiveness of our resources is supported by the amenities in the town of Tonopah including hotels, education, restaurants, and a private airport.



The amount of energy storage in the grid and transportation will continue to grow at exponential rates for decades to come. As technologies evolve, a major opportunity exists to step change the predictability, performance and longevity of battery storage. This has significant economic and engineering advantages that will not only allow manufacturers and operators to be highly efficient, it will also allow new applications of storage technology. This will help our decarbonization efforts and allow business and consumers to improve lifestyles. 
The team at BatteryInsight have years of multi-application storage experience across a number of sectors. We have developed proprietary modeling and systems that will deliver key Benefits:

  • Step change in reliability improvement from manufacturing

  • Extended life cycles

  • Significantly improved forecasting of performance

Battery Insights is now collaborating with a number of key battery technologies, in order to realize these benefits across a number of industry applications. 


As the world is rapidly moving to decarbonize, significant challenges are arising in maintaining electricity costs, reliability and dispatchability. In addition, the security of energy supplies has never been so important. Many countries, including the USA, UK and Japan are thus revitalizing their nuclear power programs to meet the challenges of net-zero. Many other countries who have previously relied on fossil fuels are now also considering nuclear as part of their core energy mix. 

An identified step-change in nuclear energy economics has led to a new plant design utilizing the physical properties of the ocean.
Pathfinder has developed detailed designs and end-to-end processes from manufacturing to operations resulting in the Submerged Power System (SPS). The engineering has been undertaken by world leading nuclear experts. Feasibility analysis has identified this approach will yield significant commercial opportunities. Noteworthy benefits include:

  • Significantly increased safety approach to nuclear deployment and security

  • Low environmental footprint, including carbon and visual impact

  • Ultra low cost, dispatchable electricity production

  • High reliability with load following capabilities

  • Speed of deployment from mass production and flexible modularity

  • Proven nuclear technologies using existing commercially available reactors


The team at Pathfinder is proud the development of the SPS has now reached commercialization and is now operating as its own entity as REPLOY Power. To find out more information about REPLOY Power and the SPS visit

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